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Western Mass Environmental, LLC’s Health and Safety program consists of procedures and guidelines for use at project sites where hazardous locations and or toxic wastes and materials are known or suspected to be present. We have worked under an array of either internally or client developed Health and Safety Plans (HASP) for a wide spectrum of projects, ranging from asbestos abatement to radiological decontamination and decommissioning, including many at State and Federal managed and or supervised sites.

For each project Western Mass Environmental, LLC assigns a dedicated Project Manager, who undertakes the role of program administrator. As part of his duties, he supervises overall program management such as setting corporate policy, modifying the program as industry and regulatory changes deem it necessary, and other program elements (HASP reviews, medical monitoring, etc.). In addition, Western Mass Environmental, LLC subcontracts the services of professionals such as certified industrial hygienists on an as need bases.

Western Mass Environmental, LLC’s recognition that a well informed and well trained employee is its most valuable resource is the driving force to our training program, which meets all federal and state criteria, including 29 CFR 1910.120, 1910.56 and SARA 126(d). This training includes but is not limited to toxicology, decontamination, confined space entry and safe work practices, personal protection equipment, instrumentation comprehension, and site safety activities planning and coordination. Additionally we provide Health and Safety management and refresher training sessions for both general and specific projects. All Western Mass Environmental, LLC’s personnel engaged in activities at regulated sites participate in the medical monitoring program. This program provides an extensive baseline evaluation that is coupled with and ongoing surveillance of each individual employee’s health status and general physical fitness to be able to continue to work at hazardous or toxic waste and hazardous material sites.

Work at regulated sites will be managed under the guidance of HASPs. These plans, either in-house or client provided, at a minimum describe site Safety and Health procedures and responsibilities, inform all suspected and known hazards and risks, specify appropriate levels of protection and identify the nearest medical facility and appropriate local emergency response numbers in case of site emergencies.

Western Mass Environmental, LLC maintains a variety of environmental testing and monitoring equipment including OVAs and OVMs, explosion meters, personal air monitoring pumps, oxygen meters, etc. These instruments are used to monitor environmental conditions during activities where there is a potential for exposure to toxic gases, oxygen deficient atmospheres, etc. Our equipment is inspected on a scheduled basis and maintained according to manufacturers’ recommendations

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