Heavy equipment list:

Two (2) tractors with several trailer options for material and equipment hauling.

Two 2,800 gallon Guzzler vactor trucks equipped to pump sludge and vacuum-excavate soils/solids from basements, confined spaces, storage tanks, trench drains, catch basins, crawl-spaces, industrial vac applications, etc.

A 3,200 gallon Cusco vacuum truck equipped to pump liquids, solids and sludge. Fully permitted to transport hazardous waste.

A 4,000 gallon PresVac trailer equipped to pump both hazardous and non-hazardous liquids. Fully permitted to transport hazardous waste.

Several spill trailers stocked with absorbents, speedy dry, PPE, drums, tools and equipment.

Three (3) roll off trucks with 15 yard and 25 yard cans

Two (2) midsized dump trucks and a fleet of trucks.

A 24 foot box truck equipped to respond to spills and transport containers containing hazardous waste."

A 20-foot box truck for spill response and mobile command, fully-equipped for long-term, around-the-clock site support.

Additional equipment list:

Cat 312 excavator, Bobcat 442 excavator, Bobcat E35 mini-excavator, 3 Bobcat skid steers, 24-foot dump trailer, roll off trailer, Rack truck permitted to transport containers of hazardous waste, full compliment of asbestos abatement and mercury spill equipment, pressure washers, concrete finishing and cutting tools including hydraulic breaker attachment for skid steer/mini excavator, full range of PPE including SCBA's and confined space entry gear, brush removal equipment including grapple attachment for skid steer, multitude of portable power generators, portable welder, electric and pneumatic air-movers, air and liquid phase carbon filtering, temporary construction fencing, USAF-approved reflective barriers, soil compactors, DOT-approved traffic controls, 1000 feet of open-water containment boom.

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