Western Massachusetts Military Base
Project Value: $ 1,030,000.00

Project Description: WME was sub-contracted to expose re-fueling lines beneath the flight line of local Air Force base in order for repairs at several locations to be performed. Project involved extensive excavation using large excavators, vacuum excavators and shoring equipment while normal base operations continued uninterrupted. Contaminated groundwater extraction and on-site treatment methods were implemented. All air quality and safety standards were met without incident during the 8-month project duration.

Oil Company (confidential client)
Project Value: $ 450,000.00

Project Description: WME responded to an oil tanker roll-over (with a full, 8,000 gallon payload of home heating oil) for a valued client who contracts WME for all spill responses. WME performed emergency clean-up activities around the clock until the state highway was safe to pass and the potential impact to the nearby river was alleviated. Over the course of several weeks, WME removed contaminated soils from private and public property, beneath the roadway and drainage swale outfall. A full drainage system cleaning was performed from the spill location to the drainage outfall at the nearby river. All efforts were coordinated with the local Department of Public Works, Massachusetts DEP and Mass Highway. Site was fully remediated without any oil-impact to the nearby river.

Danaher Tool, Springfield, MA
Project Value: $ 330,000.00

Project Description: WME was contracted to decommission one of the largest tool manufacturing facilities in the Northeast. The project called for WME to remove and arrange for the disposal of approximately 400,000 (four hundred thousand) gallons of RCRA hazardous and non-hazardous wastewater and sludge, industrial clean the underground tanks of 500,000 (five hundred thousand) gallons total storage capacity and all associated piping.

Jacques Whitford Co., Inc., Taunton, MA
Project Value: $ 320,000.00

Project Description: WME was contracted by Jacques Whitford Co., Inc. to remove and dispose of approximately 2,500 yards of oil contaminated soil under BOL from both inside and outside a product storage tank room at a Taunton, Massachusetts facility, a wire and cable manufacturing facility. WME dismantled an exterior wall and several attached small buildings, cut and removed the floor and removed the impacted soils to depths of 18 +/- feet from within the building and outside adjacent areas and restored the site and structures for re-use.

Bridgestone / Firestone, Hartford, CT
Project Value: $ 250,000.00

Project Description: WME was chosen by an environmental engineering firm to remove and dispose of approximately 2,700 yards of petroleum contaminated soil under BOL from within the building foot print at a former Bridgestone / Firestone facility in Hartford, Connecticut.

WME saw cut and removed the floor and removed the impacted soils to depths of 18 +/- feet from within the building and outside adjacent areas. Groundwater was collected and properly disposed of at approved waste water treatment facilities.

City of Pittsfield, Pittsfield High School, MA
Project Value: $ 200,000.00

Project Description: WME was contacted by the City of Pittsfield to respond to a release of Mercury at the Pittsfield High School. WME mobilized crews to address the situation around the clock until the School was safe for students and faculty. Working with an air quality occupational health engineering firm WME developed control criteria, remediation and clean up procedures to open the School back for occupancy ahead of schedule.

NewStream, LLC, Attleboro, MA
Project Value: $ 180,000.00

Project Description: WME was sub-contracted by NewStream to remove and dispose of 8 (eight) plating lines, some of which were automated, from inside the “PTC” production room at the Texas Instruments facility in Attleboro, Massachusetts. WME arranged for the removal of the liquid and sludge acid and cyanide wastes, pressure rinsed all process vessels, dismantled all the lines. All air handling systems, process and climate controls, including “Roto-Clones” were also decontaminated and decommissioned.

Streuver Brothers Eccles & Rouse, ALCO Building, Providence, RI
Project Value: $180,000

Project Description: WME installed a remediation system within an elevator shaft. The system install required the construction of several floors within the shaft to accommodate the system, which included several soil vapor extraction blowers, air sparge blowers, carbon units and expansion/knockout units.

Capeway Dye, Woonsocket, RI
Project Value: $ 175,000.00

Project Description: During assessment activities conducted by Jacques Whitford on the neighboring property, No. 6 fuel oil contamination was discovered. The oil was traced to the former Capeway Dye facility, to a location of two abandoned 25,000-gallon underground storage tanks. The owner of Capeway Dye contracted with WME to remove the tanks and remediate the soils, via excavation. The tanks were removed and approximately 2,500 tons of impacted soil was excavated and properly disposed under BOL.

Safety-Kleen, Lowell, MA
Project Value: $ 170,000.00

Project Description: WME was sub-contracted by Safety-Kleen to clean up a spill in Lowell Massachusetts. WME provided labor, equipment and materials to treat all oily water, remove oily soil and debris from the facility under BOL, thoroughly clean the basement and performed air and soil sampling.

All sample results were within standards, Closure reports were completed and submitted to the MADEP (Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection) and then the facility was reopened.

Delta Park, Chicopee, MA
Project Value: $ 165,000.00

Project Description: WME was chosen to install a remediation system in a parking lot of an electronics manufacturer in Chicopee, Massachusetts. The project called for WME to provide and install 14 (fourteen) catch basins and install air powered pumps, electronic controls and all (1,600 feet per run) associated piping. Additionally WME retrofitted the existing on-site wastewater treatment facility to accommodate the additional volumes of wastes to be processed.

Ralph Shuster Metals, Inc., Attleboro, MA
Project Value: $160,000

Project Description: WME was the general contractor for the capping of an approximately 3.6 acre lot. The soils were impacted with metals from site use over decades of operation. WME removed a railroad spur, worked with an environmental consulting firm to permit the actions adjacent to a wetland, installed 400+ feet of fencing, topped the entire area with a recycled plastic marker layer, placed a minimum of 3' of capping material over the marker layer, and installed pavement on a roadway constructed through the wetland.

Private Owner / Dealer (confidential client)
Project Value: $ 150,000.00

Project Description: WME was contracted by our client to renovate a vehicle fueling station in Natick, Massachusetts. WME excavated the tank grave and stockpiled the surplus soils, installed 2 (two) underground storage tanks designed for 3 (three) fuels – diesel, high octane and low octane gasoline – plumbed all the product and vent piping, installed the fuel dispensers, depths of 18 +/- feet from within the building and outside adjacent areas.

Collins & Crochierre, Chicopee, MA
Project Value: $ 100,000.00

Project Description: WME was contracted by the development firm of Collins & Crochierre to address environmental issues at a former foundry in Chicopee, Massachusetts.

The two story 44,000 square foot building was vacuumed of all loose dusts and sludge and then rinsed with water using pressure washers to assure removal of all remaining substances. Lead contaminated soils were excavated, stockpiled and sampled. All the accumulated sludge, liquids and contaminated soils were transported to various facilities for disposal or recycling.

Oil Company (confidential client)
Project Value: $ 50,00.00

Project Description: At the request of our client, WME provided tank cleanings, ultrasonic testing of steel, and managed all aspects of the required repairs (linings / coatings, etc.) at three of its petroleum bulk storage facilities in Vermont and Massachusetts. The gasoline and oil wastes were transported and disposed of properly by state specific licensed waste haulers and the storage facilities were put back into service.

Harris Energy, Holyoke, MA
Project Value: $ 30,000.00

Project Description: WME was sole sourced to categorize, package, arranged for the transport and disposal of manufacturing and laboratory wastes from a former paper company facility in Holyoke, Massachusetts.

Boston & Maine Railroad
Project Value: $ 15,000.00

Project Description: As part of the work that WME performed for B & M, WME was contracted to clean their facility wide oil and water separator system. Approximately 20,000 gallons of oil, water and sludge were removed from the system, segregated, and processed. Then WME arranged for disposal or recycling. Interior lines were cleaned and restored to full operational capacity.

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